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Elite Chiropractic COVID-19 Updates

May 4th, 2020

We are open!  We got official notice on Sunday May 3rd, 2020 from the Alberta College and Association of Chiropractors that we can officially open our doors today, and we will be!  To begin with we will be running reduced hours but we are hoping to go back to regular hours as soon as possible.  You will notice a few things that are different now than before (as we are sure you are expecting).  


April 8th, 2020

All of the staff at Elite Chiropractic and Sports Medicine are committed to the health and safety of their staff, patients and clients.  With the unprecedented events that have unfolded over the past few weeks we have a few important reminders for all of our patients and clients:


* Unfortunately our clinic remains closed due to the mandatory closure of all health clinics until further direction from the provincial government and Alberta Health Services. 

* All massage therapy treatments are suspended until further notice.

* Currently, Dr Riley is providing telehealth appointments for all non-urgent patients requiring help during this difficult time.

* Chiropractors are permitted to perform on site urgent and/or emergency care only.  If you feel you qualify for urgent or emergency care please contact us by email at  We will be providing prescreening for urgent/emergency care to determine if patients qualify.  If you meet the requirements and have not been exposed to or are currently sick with COVID-19, arrangements will be made to book an appointment.  At this time we are not able to provide this prescreening by phone through the clinic.

*If you do qualify as urgent or emergency care please abide by the following:

    - only attend appointments on your own (no family allowed in the clinic).  There are certain exceptions to this,       which will be communicated before the appointment by the practitioner.

    - if you are feeling ill, or are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 please cancel your appointment to ensure the health and safety of our practitioners, their families and other patients.  If at any time a practitioner feels like you are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 they reserve the right to ask you to reschedule for when you are well and out of isolation.

    - please maintain proper social distancing recommendations

* We are committed to maintaining our stringent cleaning procedures to ensure you are treated in the safest manner possible.

We hope all of our patients and their families are feeling well and are staying safe.  A huge thank you to all of those in our Elite family who are frontline workers and are helping to keep our community healthy and safe.  We hope to see you all soon back in the clinic when this pandemic eases..

~ The Elite Chiropractic and Sports Medicine team

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