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Fay Duffy has been practicing massage therapy in central Alberta for the past 21 years. She received her massage diploma from the Alberta Institute of massage in 2000, then acquired her advanced diploma in 2018, and has continued building her skills through many additional courses over the years. For the past eight years Fay has also been a practical examiner for midterm and final practical exams, of new therapists for the Alberta Institute of massage. Fay has extensive practice and is certified in a variety of modalities, which include: Therapeutic and Deep Tissue massage, Sports massage, Trigger point and Arthrokinetic therapies, Myofascial cupping, Infant massage, and Reflexology.

Fay is highly motivated to provide the best possible treatment for her clients to help them reach a higher level of health. Whether the client has a specific impairment or is looking to improve their overall health, Fay has the knowledge and techniques to assist clients in their strive to achieve a greater level of physical wellness.

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